Clothing Technology


The Clothing Technology Department at Karen Technical Institute for the Deaf has been actively engaged in various activities aimed at providing quality education and practical skills to students, including those with hearing impairments .

Curriculum Delivery

The department has, over the years, successfully implemented a comprehensive curriculum that covers a range of topics, including garment construction, pattern making, textiles, and fashion design. The instructors have employed innovative teaching methods to ensure effective communication and understanding among hearing and the deaf students.

Practical Workshops

To enhance hands-on learning, the department regularly organizes practical workshops. These workshops provide students with the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, fostering skill development and creativity in clothing technology.

Industry Collaboration

Recognizing the importance of more industry exposure, the department has actively sought collaborations with local fashion and textile businesses that offer industrial attachment. This has enabled students to gain real-world experience, participate in internships, and establish connections within the clothing technology industry.


The department has, over the years, examined the students under KNEC examining body.

With the coming in of CBET -TVET CDACC PROGRAM .

The department will examine the students under CDDAC as the examining body.

Inclusive Learning Environment

Efforts have been made to create an inclusive learning environment that accommodates the unique needs of deaf students. Visual aids, sign language interpreters, and other assistive technologies are employed to facilitate effective communication and ensure equal participation by all the students

Skill Development Programs

The department has initiated skill development programs focusing on emerging trends in clothing technology. This has been done through Dual-TVET in collaboration with GIZ Germany government  and CBET -TVET CDACC training  Program.These programs aim to equip students with up-to-date knowledge and skills that are relevant to the evolving demands of the fashion and textile industry.

Community Outreach

The Clothing Technology Department actively engages in community outreach programs to promote awareness about deaf education and inclusion. Through events, such as TVET Fair, TVET CBET exhibitions, and partnerships with local organizations, the department contributes to breaking down societal barriers and stereotypes.

Student Achievements

Several students from the Clothing Technology Department have showcased their talents and skills in regional and national competitions. These achievements highlight the effectiveness of the department's educational approach and the calibre of students emerging from the department.


The Clothing Technology Department at Karen Technical Institute for the Deaf continues to play a crucial role in empowering deaf students with practical skills and knowledge in the field of clothing technology. The commitment to inclusivity and innovation positions the department as a key player in promoting equal opportunities for students with hearing impairments.

Prepared by:

Grace Ngatia

Head of Department

Courses Offered Course Level Entry Requirements Examining Body Duration Mode of Study
Tie & Die, Embroidery, Ornamental Making, Upholstery Knitting & Weaving Certificate KCPE & KCSE Certificate KTTID 3 Months Part Time
Fashion Design - Diploma Diploma Module 1,2 & 3 Dip - Relevant Craft or KCSE C- KNEC 3 years Full Time
Fashion Design - Craft Craft Module 1 & 2 Craft - Relevant Artisan or KCSE D KNEC 2 years Full Time