Communication & Sign Language

The Department of Communication and Sign Language is one of the oldest in the institution, dating back since the start of the institution in 1990. The department prides itself on being a cornerstone of support within the entire institute’s academic realm, offering vital resources and training in Communication and Sign Language proficiency.

The department is tasked with handling four essential units for the all the levels in various departments. These four form the Basic Units for these levels and are: Numeracy Skills, Communication Skills, Employability and Environmental Literacy. In order to achieve this the department relies on the Curriculum and Occupational Standards from the respective departments. In addition to this, all students in various levels get to be trained on Basic Kenyan Sign Language.

The department has a Production Unit that offers short courses on three levels of Kenyan Sign Language (KSL):

  1. Elementary KSL (Level 1)
  2. Intermediate KSL (Level 2)
  3. Advanced KSL (Level 3)

All these levels take three months to complete, upon which certificates are awarded to successful candidates.

Courses Offered Course Level Entry Requirements Examining Body Duration Mode of Study
Advanced (level III) Certificate Open KTTID 3 Months Part Time
Intermediate (level II) Certificate Open KTTID 3 Months Part Time
Elementary (Beginners' level I) Certificate Open KTTID 3 Months Part Time